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Orientation: 13th April, 2015 1400 Hrs. St. James’ School


Secretary General's Address


Dear All,

On behalf of the students and teachers of St. James’ School, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the 5th session of the St.James’ School Model United Nations Conference, 2015. In a world where violence and vandalism is common place and acts of crime previously executed surreptitiously are now done with pride and fearlessness ,where the impacts of so-called ‘past’ crises can be still both seen in our physical world, and also sensed in our intangible attitudes, where the current day activities of modern day expansionism tendencies in a particular continent affect millions around the world where the facade of foreign policies gives shelter to the increasingly unamicability, where the world is reeling not only under tensions, but the glaring flaw in our mindsets that disables us from resolving it, the one voice that cannot sit back and watch, is the youth. The sufferers and the game-changers. For those of you who choose to voice their opinions on something that matters to you, rather than listen to the voice of someone to whom it does not, for those of you who choose to analyse and resolve, rather than spectate and accept , for those of you who choose to attempt to change your future, instead of resigning yourself to your fate, for each and every one of you passionate delegates – I present to you, this forum for empowering the youth – JacoMUN ’15.

Ladies and gentlemen, JacoMUN 15 this year has six highly challenging committees and agendas ranging from the apparently resolved Second World War in the Nazi War cabinet to the ostensible and impending border crises in the Indian parliament ; and from the fast-paced , trademark committee  of JacoMUN – the Historic Security Council , to the more present-day Special Summit on Ukraine and from the ‘ solemn’ House of Elders to the prying, lively, active and entertaining Press. As we set out to spark 3 days of heated discussions and fights, both constructive and entertaining, I am here to remind you all, that it is up to you people to make this Model United Nations either just another feather in your cap, or an experience that will truly determine the way you think and analyse a situation, and the way you impact others around you who do the same.

Warm regards,
Raghav Daryanani
Secretary General,
St. James’ School Model United Nations Conference , 2015.

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Our Venue

Historic Security Council

Agenda – The Six Day War

Lok Sabha

Agenda – The Situation at the Indian borders with special emphasis on the LOC and LAC with Pakistan and China

Special Summit on Ukraine

Agenda – The Ukrainian Crisis

Rajya Sabha

Agenda – Internal Disruption and Threat to Territorial Integrity of India.

Nazi War Cabinet

Agenda – Re-creating the events of the Second World War